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  • 2013  Borrego Art Institute, Plein Air Invitational, Borrego Springs, CA
  • 2013  Healdsburg Center for the Arts, On Location, A Plein Air Show, Healdsburg, CA
  • 2012 Society of Western Artists, 62nd Annual Exhibition, Redwood City, CA
  • 2010 Los Gatos Plein Air Festival, Los Gatos, CA
  • 2006 Master Pastellist Program: Pastel Artists Canada
  • 2004 Los Gatos Plein Air Festival, Los Gatos, CA
  • 2003 Northwest Pastel Society: International Exhibition, Seattle Art Institute
  • 2002 Pastel Artists of Ontario, Canada: International Exhibition
  • 2002 Cape Cod Pastel Society: International Exhibition
  • 2001 International Association of Pastel Societies: convention catalog competition
  • 2000 Sierra Pastel Society: International Exhibition

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