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Hudson River Drawings Cover


by Richard McDaniel

REVIEW: Kingston Daily Freeman
November 18,1996
by James G. Shine

McDaniel makes the journey, mile after mile, through mountains and rivers, in his world of black and white, darker grays and lighter ones. He goes through remote corners of the woods and he stands atop a cliff to look at West Point from Castle Rock, a cluster of houses and impenetrable fortresses vaguely defined in a third plane value. A better performance in rigorous perspective is hard to find. That McDaniel is a master of draftsmanship leaves no doubt. Each piece that tells of his long journey is nothing less than sheer impeccability in metier. He uses a full spectrum of graphite, that is obvious, and we see from the very velvety dark to transitions in lighter tones. He has a repertory of basic pencil strokes. He is using a great deal of diagonal lines and with this economy of line, his vocabulary is impressively eloquent. With very little he is achieving a lot, which of course reveals the artist as a creative entity in undisputed command of his art. Each piece is a small jewel, in the aesthetical language as well as the technique.


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